Mr. Kevin Litwin serves as the Executive Vice President of Operations for L&R Auto Parks, Inc. dba Joe's Auto Parks headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Litwin is responsible for the daily operations of the company. The portfolio is a mix of owned/leased retail/parking structures, valet, shuttle operations and residential high rises.

Professional Experience

Mr. Litwin previously served as the Director of Operations for Central Parking's Southern California Division and has over 20 years of hands-on and executive level experience in all aspects of the business. Mr. Litwin spent the last 5 years of his career building the Joe's Auto Parks brand from operating in a single vertical with one market in downtown Los Angeles, to its current configuration. With his extensive knowledge of real estate management, he has been greatly responsible for implementing multiple new technologies including, acceptance of credit card payments in a heavily cash based business, online services, automated barrier revenue control systems, reservation platforms, 24-hour monitoring systems, stream-line back office accounting practices and automated payroll processes. Mr. Litwin has also played significant roles in the buying and selling of the company's real estate holdings and the startup transitioning of its new properties. His dedication, passion and knowledge of the industry are greatly recognized by the local communities he serves, the L.A. Business Journal and elected officials in the Los Angeles area. Mr. Litwin has extensive working relationships with all levels of local governments and real estate parking associations.